Communication is the engine of change.


In the information age, organizations, their executives and their products may be exposed to a lot of visibility and it is strategic communication that enhances or minimizes the effects of their actions.

We offer our clients a competitive proposal for the design, planning and implementation of public relations programs, marketing and crisis prevention and management procedures, according to the objectives and public to work on.

We have the breadth and depth of experience to help customers clarify, persuade and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.


HRC assists its clients in crisis situations, in processes of strong growth, in mergers or acquisitions in order to strengthen relationships and reputation, or to consolidate the business. For that, it identifies and elaborates the key messages and support for different publics, designs and consolidates the key performance measures, according to the objectives pursued  as well as the validated or adjusted indicators.

We have 3 areas of specialization according to the public and objectives:

We generate competitive proposals in the design, planning and implementation of Public Relations and Communication Programs.

Companies are inserted in a certain society and they can affect and be affected by the relationship with the various publics, both  internal and external, and by events outside the company.

At HRC we develop a proactive approach, anticipating and minimizing the potential risks of the company, but also projecting opportunities that help create the desired corporate reputation.

Through our programs of people & change we seek that people reach their maximum potential since it is not about doing things better today but also preparing for future changes.

We support corporate leaders, along with their financial and legal teams, in special projects such as M&A, IPO, MBO or Crisis, to successfully move the processes forward.

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Strategic Consulting
Relationships with media.
People & change.
Public affairs & government relations.
Content research & knowledge.
Stakeholder analysis.


We are a strategic ally that advises and interacts with companies in the diagnosis of the situation, design and development of marketing and sales plans or programs to improve the relationship with distribution channels, points of sale and consumers.

We work to improve management indicators and relationships.

We provide strategic, digital, relational, social, direct and sports marketing services. The success of management is given by our ability to understand the business of customers, our adaptation to their processes and the ability to anticipate changes in market demand.

For more than 20 years we have designed strategy and development of integral and specific marketing programs for companies, users and sales channels.

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Channel, product and brand strategy.
Campaigns and integrated content.
Massive communication.
Development & digital communication.
Promotional Marketing.
Loyalty programs.
Research & analysis.


We act as a strategic ally in situations that threaten the objectives of the organization and that alter the relationship with the public.

We advise our clients in the general framework of the organization and in the designation of functions that allow the prevention and early detection of emergencies and crises, in order to cancel, neutralize or mitigate the negative consequences of the aforementioned contingencies and maintain the qualities of the business image.

We carry out manual operations and drills. We design the communication plan for possible contingencies and train the managers involved.

The experience of having carried out the procedures for international companies, of having participated in committees in delicate crises and having successfully dodged them, gives us the strength that these situations require.

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Communication management in crisis situations.
Anticipation of potential scenarios.
Risk prevention and crisis management.
Crisis communication.
Design and operation of drills.
Procedures & evaluation.
Media training.