Transforming does not mean improving, it means redefining.

Disruption requires courage, initiative, leadership and taking action immediately.

Transformation is about future business, not current business.

Transforming the business is imperative, it is not an option. It is to change or die.

Transforming businesses since 1999


The good news is that new companies are more agile. The bad news is that their days are numbered, unless they continually innovate.

HRC is a management consultant firm with focus on communication.

HRC is an independent consultant company that guides clients in their transformation decisions. We create an impact on our clients' businesses by exploring their current situation and designing strategies that allow them to get where they want to be. We  focus on planning, leadership evaluation, road map configuration and reviewing.




Countries in which we have worked



In the information age, organizations, their executives and their products may be exposed to a lot of visibility. It is strategic communication that enhances or minimizes the effects of their actions.


We emphasize HRC's creative and customer service skills. We hope to continue sharing projects for many years to come. We feel strongly united to HRC's people since we share their same values.

María Pía Astori
President of Grupo Astori

It has been a successful experience to count with HRC knowledge and professionalism to assist us in the energy and logistic sectors. In my capacity as Independent Director, I have been able to verify creativity and the ability to successfully solve communications and reputations issues.

Eduardo Ojea Quintana
Southern Cross Group Independent Director

The incorporation of HRC allowed the company's new global strategy to be successfully adapted in 9 countries in South America. I recommend HRC's services for its professionalism, experience and human quality.

Andrea Folcker
Former Ericsson Marketing & Communications Director MU South America