For 20 years we have assisted our clients in designing and building bridges that transform the current state of their business into the projected one.

HRC is a management consulting firm with focus in communication.

Since 1999 HRC has designed and executed transformation programs for clients who need or want to change their value proposition, in line with current times.

HRC works as trusted advisors to management teams and boards of directors to seek to reorient their current business. HRC also supports those teams that seek to take advantage of opportunities presented by the situation, strengthen their commitments, manage crises, overcome market interruptions, articulate their brand, bet on a competitive position or preserve their permits to operate.

Our value proposition begins when the top management or board of directors decides to make a change. For this, HRC’s work is based on 3 pillars:

1) RETHINK: Problem or opportunity identification. Situation analysis, insights generation, and corporate strategy design.

2) REDO: Capacities and behaviors linked to the value proposition. Alternatives evaluation.

3) RECHECK: Scalability and sustainability.

What do we offer?

Focus on the client.
Own work methodology.
International experience.
Vast industries & sectors knowledge.

Special situations where we intervene

Strong growth.
Change management.
Digital Transformation.


More than 20 years helping our clients.




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Members of the Crisis Management Network (global network of expert crisis management consultants)